Package Bees


The package contains 1.5 kg of bees and includes the Queen Bee. The main advantage of this type of swarm is that it ensures the disruption of the brood cycle. As there are no larvae, there can be carried out treatments against Varroa once the frames have been installed, thus ensuring a great start and development. Basically, a package swarm mimics the natural multiplication of the honey bee. Moreover, it can be safely shipped over long distances without any major risks. The price includes the transportation box.

The price for a package bee depends on the quantity ordered. Check out the Prices and Discounts below. Shipping between 15 June – 15 July.

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Price Discounts for Package Bees (Ships between 15 June - 15 July)

No. packages orderedPrice/package (1.5 kg) (EUR)Shipping cost
5 - 2473Depends on quantity and destination.
25 - 4970Depends on quantity and destination.
50 - 9967Depends on quantity and destination.
100 - 19964Depends on quantity and destination.
200+61Depends on quantity and destination.