At the moment we only ship in Europe via EMS (Express Mail Service)/UPS Standard and UPS Express.

Shipping via EMS/UPS Standard

Shipping via EMS/UPS Standard normally takes 3 to 5 days, depending on the location of the customer. The average price per shipment using this option is 30 EUR, with minor variations depending on the delivery address and size of the package. All the orders will be sent on Mondays in order to reach the destination by the end of the week.

Shipping via UPS Express (recommended

Shipping via UPS Express normally takes 1-2 days, with an average cost of 90 EUR per shipment depending on the location of the customer and the weight of the package. Most orders will be delivered the following day, therefore we strongly recommend this option over the others. Also, we can only guarantee the safety and well-being of the queens with this shipping method.

The queens will be placed inside special plastic cages, along with a few working bees and food (paste made of sugar and honey). The plastic cages will be secured inside cardboard ventilated envelopes or boxes. We’ve tried various other methods and this was by far the optimal solution. Normally there will not be any incidents during shipping. In the unlikely event that some queens will have sustained injuries or died during shipping, we will replace them with no extra charges. Please send us a notification via email, along with a photo that clearly depicts the injured or dead queens. They will also need to be returned to us in the plastic cages.


The payment will be carried out right before the shipping of the queens. Please do not make any payments until we have contacted you by email and have mutually agreed on a delivery date.

How to order

Ordering from is extremely easy. You have two options:

1. Order by Email

Simply send us an email at Don’t forget to include your full name, complete address, the race and numbers of queens you’d like to order and any other relevant details or observations.

2. Online from our shop

The second option is to add the products to your cart and place the order. You don’t have to create an account on for placing an order.

We will contact you by email right away to confirm your order and to inform you about the delivery date.

If you have any other questions please contact us and we’ll get back to you immediately.