Carniolan Queen Bees (naturally mated)


Carniolan Queen Bees, naturally mated with selected drones. We are currently accepting pre-orders for 2020. Shipping starts at the beginning of May.

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The main characteristics of the Carniolan Bees:

  • excellent foragers early in the morning
  • well adapted to colder climates
  • very good honey yield
  • overwinters well, with low stores consumption
  • very calm and gentle
  • uses less propolis
  • great start in early spring

For more details, please read our in-depth article from the blog about the Carniolan bees.

Price Discounts for Naturally Mated Queens

No. of Queens orderedPrice/unit (EUR)Shipping cost
5 - 2418Express Mail Service or UPS
25 - 4917Express Mail Service or UPS
50 - 9916Express Mail Service or UPS
100 - 19915Express Mail Service or UPS
200+14Express Mail Service or UPS