Checking, feeding and expanding beehives [Video]

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On September 9th 2015 we recorded a video [you can check it out below] while doing a routine visit to one of our apiaries. This video also marks the debut of a new video section on our blog, called ApiExpert TV.

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The bee swarms in the video were formed in the beginning of August with one frame of capped brood and one frame of honey and bees and were given a mated queen. After the queen was accepted (one week after the introduction), the hives were fed every 4 or 5 days with sugar syrup (3:2 ratio). Expanding the hives was carried out first by inserting a frame comb to allow the queen to start laying eggs as soon as possible; after that we inserted another frame in the hives that allowed us to do it.

Being our first recorded video, our technique can definitely benefit some improvements, but we are confident that the next ones will be better in every way. The language spoken in the video is Romanian, but we will soon add the appropriate translations.

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