Calimanesti 2014 Beekeeping Workshop

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We were invited by World Vision Romania to give a presentation on the matter of bee breeding and selection. We were delighted to speak at a conference that was attended by beekeepers and representatives of some of the largest Beekeeping Associations in Romania.

The event took place at the Orizont Hotel in Calimanesti Resort. Our agenda for the two-day workshop included the following topics:

1. Fundamental notions of genetics in bee breeding
1.1 Heredity
1.2 Genotype
1.3 Phenotype
1.4 Ecotype
1.5 Chromosome
1.6 Allele
1.7 Parthenogenesis
1.8 Diploid
1.9 Haploid
1.10 Dominant
1.11 Recessive
1.12 Homozygous
1.13 Heterozygous
1.14 Hybrid
1.15 Mongrel
1.16 Heterosis
2. Genetic Variation—Mendel’s laws of heredity
3. Mendel’s laws and the Honey Bee
4. The importance of genetic variation in bee breeding
5. Bee breeding and selection—a practical overview
5.1 The purpose of bee breeding
5.2 Main selection criteria
5.3 Secondary selection criteria
5.4 Pure race breeding
5.5 Line breeding
5.6 Crossbreeding
5.7 Hybrid breeding—practical example
6. Artificial insemination—purpose and video presentation
7. Conclusions

We would like to thank all the participants for their attention and their engagement during our presentation. We were overwhelmed by the positive response we have received. Below you’ll find a photo gallery from the workshop:

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